The modern web has made our daily lives more convenient in countless ways. The Internet connects almost every activity of our lives and gives us access to an infinite supply of information. For the disabled, elderly, and people who are homebound, the Internet brings unprecedented independence. Intersection Online is dedicated to make use of the full benefits of technology that is open and available to all users and developers. Our goal is to incorporate better design for increased accessibility and improved internet experience.

Intersection Online’s purpose is to reliably support the broadest range of users. Each visitor brings his or her own mixture of operating system, device, browser, bandwidth, assistive technology, and an array of other technical considerations.

Our websites has been designed to meet the principles defined under the current highest standard for business – WCAG 2.1 AA  (Developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)) We know that accessibility involves more than any one standard though. Accessibility includes maintaining a feedback loop and a dedication to continuing to improve the experience.

We regularly test websites for clarity for screen readers. We focus on responsive design so your site can be enjoyed at varying screen sizes and text magnification levels. We’ve also determined color combinations that support color blind and low-vision people.

If you encounter issues using our website, please contact or call 954-428-8871.

We’re always happy to make changes that result in a greater, more empathetic user experience.