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Meet . – Intersection Online. We are the why-nots in a world of cannots. The spark for your greatest ideas. Come to us with the marketing and branding challenges that keep you up at night, and we’ll help you sleep easy.

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Allison Duine

  • President
  • Creative Powerhouse
  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Special Needs Cat Mom

Looking for an award-winning, multidisciplinary agency design expert and brand strategist with three decades of professional experience? My track record boasts nationally recognized projects for clientele ranging from bootstrapped pre-venture startups to Fortune 100 companies and some high-profile celebrities, too.

As president and creative director, I bring a unique blend of design-led insight and strategic creative thinking that delivers impact and drives business objectives – all with a commitment to integrity, innovation, client satisfaction, and unsurpassed value.

The people who know me best know I’m a real Type A. A perfectionist, a design fanatic, and a lover of anything that gets my adrenaline or dopamine up. My commitment to heavy lifting is real – at the gym and the office – going into every project with full power. That intensity can be a pretty good thing when it comes to making your ideas come to life.

Jason Graham

  • Partner
  • CTO
  • Surfer Dude
  • Butterfly Repairman

I’ve got a few titles, but “award-winning new media pioneer with professional design, technology, and management experience” sums up what I do pretty well.

At CBS Interactive in the 1990s, I spearheaded efforts for user interface and experience design. I’ve been helping spread the conversion design gospel ever since.

There’s a real connection between how I work and how I spend my time outside the office – mostly in nature. I believe in planting seeds and nurturing their growth with the right environment, tools, and timing. I read the tides and ride big waves with the same intention and boldness that I read markets to stimulate new possibilities for brands.


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Want to know how things work and what to expect? The iO Method is our signature approach. Here’s how we create order from the chaos and navigate your campaign towards strategic endpoints so you can get where you’re going. Every single time.

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